Paloma Sierra

Photo by Fer Devincenzi

I'm a director, writer, and translator who crosses linguistic barriers to reimagine poetry, theater, and film.

Inaugural Emerging Poet Laureate of Allegheny County, I've presented award-winning poetry in Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean. I've also published with Azahares, The Bookends Review, Poetry Film Live, Bridge: The Bluffton University Literary Journal, Persephone’s Daughters, and Sampsonia Way.

A City Theatre Miami National Short Play Award finalist, I've supported the development of 20+ short and full-length plays and their journeys onto renowned festivals, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

A Fulbright and Carnegie Mellon alum, I've trained in directing with Carlos Ianni and Randy Kovitz; playwriting/dramaturgy with Rob Handel, Megan Monaghan-Rivas, Anne García-Romero, Migdalia Cruz, and Sandra Silveyra; design and production with Narelle Sissons, Anne Mundell, and Dick Block; and acting with Thelma Biral and Ricardo Lago Oliveira.



I Am Soil Breaking Off
Direction / Writing / Production
Video Poetry | 3 min

Life often exposes us to violent storms. But like a mangrove seed, we can find a home wherever we drift.

Every Word I Say to You
Direction / Writing / Production
Video Poetry | 1.5 min

A caretaker experiences various emotions as they care for a loved one who lives with Alzheimer's.

Let This Be
Direction / Writing / Production
Video Poetry | 1.5 min

A poem about national identity and migration.

For the Ones They Took Away
Play in Verse | 90 min

Ongoing project.

Between Poetry & Performance
Direction / Production / Curation
Workshop Series

Free programming that invites writers of all experience levels to reimagine poetry through theater and film.

Home Language
Direction / Production / Curation
Multilingual Exhibit

A collaboration between artists, writers, and translators to showcase the linguistic diversity in Pittsburgh, PA.

Acting for the Camera
Production Assistance
Short Scenes

Supported film production and rehearsals for a 20-student tv and film acting class in Carnegie Mellon.

F*ck Birthdays
Lighting Design
Short Film

Writing/Direction: Victoria Bartolotta

Cinematography: Nicholas McMillan

Production Management: Sidney Rubinowicz

Production Design: Rosie Villano

Lighting Design: Paloma Sierra

Sound: Olav Carter

Costumes: Khailah Johnson

Production Design
Web Series

Direction: Jack Dentinger

Production: The Bellwether Project

Photography Direction: Kevin Galloway

Production Design: Paloma Sierra, Sasha Mieles

Costume Design: Nikki LoPinto

Sound Design: Javi Galarza

Media Design: Katy Fetrow

Art Direction / Set Decoration
Short Film

Writing/Direction: Molly Gandour

Production: Ashley George

Music: Andrew Fox, Kent Kercher

Cinematography: Kay Hung

Costume Design: Aaron Crosby

Production Design: Erin Blake

Editorial Department: Jonathan Fred Schneider

Teaching Yourself How to Die Fast
Art Direction / Set Decoration
Short Film

Direction: Grace McCarthy

Production: Carnegie Mellon Drama

Co-Production: Grace McCarthy

Photography Director: Alexander Cronin

Production Design: Christian Fleming

Art Direction / Set Decoration: Paloma Sierra, Sasha Mieles

Costume Design: Meng Han Yeh

Sound Design: Javi Galarza

The Drowsy Chaperone
Assistant Scenic Design

Direction: Marcia Milgrom Dodge

Production: Carnegie Mellon Drama

Music Direction: Thomas W. Douglas

Scenic Design: Chen-Wei Liao

Assistant Scenic Design: Paloma Sierra, Christian Fleming, Yijun Yang

Lighting Design: Jenna Ferree Robertson

Co-Lighting Design: Shawn Nielson

Costume Design: Gina Cercone

Sound Design: Yiran Zhang

Rosa: The Day of the Dead
Opera | 20 min

On the Day of the Dead, Rose receives a ghastly visit that unravels truths about her family, heritage, and past.

Close (But Not Too Close!)
Musical | 15-20 min

Too nervous to meet that special someone in person just yet? Log on to find your perfect date - but watch out for scammers!

Cola'o: A Bilingual Trova
Play in Verse | 10 min

Two lovers with contrary opinions about Puerto Rican national identity uncover how to prepare “authentic” coffee.

BuT yOuR eNgLiSh Is So GoOd!
Choreopoem | 5 min

Inspired by the phrase "BuT yOuR eNgLiSh Is So GoOd!"


Photo by Fer Devincenzi

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