Creative Services

I’m a Puerto Rican writer and translator with experience writing, teaching, and producing poetry, theater, and film. I offer a list of creative services for writers of all experience levels, including elementary, high school, and college.

Artist Talks

I'm happy to join conversations about cultivating, affirming, and evolving one's creative voice; and about creative writing.

Writing Workshops

I facilitate workshops on writing poems, scenes, verse dramas, plays, and on evolving your creative writing practice.

Translation (English ⇄ Spanish)

Plays, screenplays, musical theatre, song lyrics and/or poems. 

Reading, Annotation,

and Feedback Consultation

Annotations on digital text, and a 1-2 page file with detailed feedback on your poem, lyrics, play, screenplay, or musical. 

Creative Meetings

Consultation and support on brainstorm sessions, writing, production, rehearsal, or other topic/activity of interest. 

Hispanic and/or Puerto Rican Language and Culture Consultation


Are you writing stories centering Hispanic and/or Puerto Rican people and their language or culture? I can help you develop your project!

As a Puerto Rican, I am familiar with Hispanic communities in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. I can assist your writing with feedback and research sources on dialects and customs. I can also proofread any Spanish-written sections you wish to include in your project.

Contact Me

Book me for a commission, artist talk, writing workshop, or feedback consultation!