BuT yOuR eNgLiSh Is So GoOd!

A Choreopoem

A choreopoem inspired by the phrase

BuT yOuR eNgLiSh Is So GoOd!


2+ Performers

Sometimes I actually listen...
and I believe my accent to be a noise that cancels my voice.


BuT yOuR eNgLiSh Is So GoOd! was first written and workshopped at Carnegie Mellon's Theatre Lab (September 2019). 


The choreopoem has been performed at Carnegie Mellon's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Writing Awards, where it was awarded a Special Drama Award (January 2020); and at The Artist Co-Op as part of Poetic Theater Productions's Poetic Open Sessions (November 2019).


About the choreopoem:

January 2020

Director / Choreographer : Rachel Pospíšil
Cast : Bella Campos, Simone Jones, Gerardo Navarro, Amara Pedroso Saquel, Anthony Saldaña

November 2019

Director / Choreographer : Timiki Salinas, Aubyn Heglie, Jack Dentinger

Production : Poetic Theater Productions, The Artist Co-Op

Cast : Maria Jose Zuniga, Avalon Christie, Isabel Pask, Eric Wiegand, Zach Herman