Cola'o: A Bilingual Trova

A 10-minute Play with Music

Two lovers – each with contrary opinions about Puerto Rican national identity – uncover how to prepare “authentic” coffee.

2 Characters

Since the day I took my leave,
I wonder what could’ve been
if I was raised and born allí.


Cola'o: A Bilingual Trova was presented at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in July 2018, as part of the full-length diásPoRa (previously titled Riqueño).


The play has been presented at WRCT 88.3FM Barrio Latino program (2017); workshopped at Carnegie Mellon's School of Drama Playground Festival (2016); and created through Carnegie Mellon SURF Fellowship (2016).

The play is set to be featured at Theatre Now's Sound Bites 7.0 festival of ten-minute musicals (TBD); and was published by Bridge: Bluffton University Literary Journal (2019).

July 2018

Music Score : Pedro Emanuel Franco Fraticelli
Direction : Zoe Clayton
Production : Paloma Sierra
Co-Production : Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Paint Theatre. Puffin Foundation
Scenic Design : Domitille Angoulvant
Costume Design : Domitille Angoulvant
Media Design : Sophie Chen

Cast : Ara Celia, Carolina Arboleda Escobar

Photography : Kyle Breen

December 2016 

Co-Translation : Abigail Salmon
Direction : Owen Stone

Stage Management : Rebecca Meckler
Lighting Design : Emily Lawrence 

Cast : Emilia Suarez, L.H. Gonzalez, Ethan Jones Romero

Photography : Louis Stein

Special Thanks

Mentor / Advisor : Therese Tardio, Karina Cochran

© Paloma Sierra 2020

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