A 70-Minute Play

A young Puerto Rican kid dreams of hitting it out of the park in the majors. “Momen” to family and friends, and “21” on the field, we all know him as Roberto Clemente Walker. Today, we remember him as “The Great One.”

6+ Performers

As you get ready to swing here, / in a gigantic baseball field that is very different to the one / where your love for the sport first begun, / where you first dreamed about playing ball in the big leagues, back when you were a kid yourself, / you think of those kids that look at you the same way / you first saw a baseball player that remotely resembles you.


21 was first written and workshopped through Carnegie Mellon's School of Drama's New Work Development course (2020) and New Work Series festival (2021).

March 2021

Production : Carnegie Mellon School of Drama
Production Management : Mary Emily Landers

Direction : Peter Anderson
Stage Management : Allison Gerecke

Run Crew : Charles Huber
Translation : Emma Jones, Kenya Dworkin
Lighting Design : Xotchil Musser

Cast : Grant Reynolds, Anthony Saldaña, Valentino Musumeci, Laughton Berry, Major Curda, Kelsey Robinson

© Paloma Sierra 2020

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