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A Trova Play

A play in verse examining Puerto Rican identity and its evolution during the Hispanic-American War, hurricane María, and the present time.

3 Women / 2 Men

Hincando el mar, raíz roto,

no me secaste o ahogaste,

ni de mi hogar desterraste,

mi hogar en donde floto.


diásPoRa was co-produced by Paint Theatre and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in July 2018, with grant support from the Puffin Foundation, and Carnegie Mellon's BXA and Modern Languages (under the title Riqueño).


The play has been presented at WRCT 88.3FM Barrio Latino program (2017); workshopped in parts at Carnegie Mellon's School of Drama Playground Festival (2016, 2017); and created through Carnegie Mellon SURF Fellowship (2016).


About show at Nuyorican Poets Cafe:

July 2018

Music Score : Pedro Emanuel Franco Fraticelli
Direction : Zoe Clayton
Production : Paloma Sierra
Co-Production : Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Paint Theatre. Puffin Foundation
Scenic Design : Domitille Angoulvant
Costume Design : Domitille Angoulvant
Media Design : Sophie Chen

Cast : Ara Celia, Carolina Arboleda Escobar

Photography : Kyle Breen

December 2017​

Co-Translation : Abigail Salmon
Music Score : Pedro Emanuel Franco Fraticelli
Direction : Paloma Sierra, Renee Madrigal

Stage Management : Emma Reichard

Assist. Stage Management : Alexander Friedland
Scenic Design : Alex Kaplan
Lighting Design : Andre Segar
Costume Design : Tahirah Agbamuche

Asst. Costume Design : Sarah Conner

Sound Design : Javier Galarza-Garcia
Media Design : Sophie Chen

Cast : Victoria Bartolotta, Amara Pedroso Saquel, Emilia Suarez, Tristan Hernandez, Damon Rosati

Musicians : William Torres, Max Ungar, Theresa Abalos, Jae Hyun Moon, Kate Burgess, Sara Adkins, Matthew Swain, Sam Brown

Photography : Louis Stein

December 2016 

Co-Translation : Abigail Salmon
Direction : Owen Stone

Stage Management : Rebecca Meckler
Lighting Design : Emily Lawrence 

Cast : Emilia Suarez, L.H. Gonzalez, Ethan Jones Romero

Photography : Louis Stein

Special Thanks

Dramaturg : Sammie Paul

Mentor / Advisor : Therese Tardio, Karina Cochran