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A collaboration between artists, writers and translators from diverse backgrounds to showcase the story of Pittsburgh - a story that crosses language barriers.

Exhibit & Publication
19+ Featured Artists

Home Language features many of the numerous languages and cultures that call Pittsburgh home. Bringing together local artists and writers from different neighborhoods across Pittsburgh, the exhibition, workshop series, and publication highlights the diversity of the city through music, art and writing.


Home Language's exhibition took place at Assemble Pittsburgh, as part of Penn Ave Art District's First Fridays event (March 2019).


The print publication followed the exhibit, and is available at Assemble, City of Asylum, and various organizations across Pittsburgh.

The initiative was part of a year-long research on translation and arts, in collaboration with Abigail Salmon; and was supported by Carnegie Mellon's Dietrich Honors Fellowship Program, and The Charles C. Dawe Memorial Award.

March 2019
Artistic Direction : Paloma Sierra

Translation Direction : Abigail Salmon

Art/Writing : Theresa Seguritan Abalos, Osama Alomar, Olivia Baker, Gulay Baltali, Anjie Cao, C. J. Collins, Tuhin Das, Prativa Gautam, Myla Granadino, Mica Hope, Ada Lis Jimena, Yuba Raj Lamsal, Carolina Loyola-Garcia, Malrey, Pia, Abby Neiser, Arunava Sinha, Sara Tang, Yijun Yang

Typography and Promotional Material : Remy Davison
Advising : Lauren Shapiro, David Shumway, Heidi Wiren Bartlett

Photography : Josh Brown

© Paloma Sierra 2020

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