WEB SERIES - Production Design / Art Direction

Santiago struggles to continue his carefree lifestyle when his identity as a a gay and first-generation Latinx American is politicized by the current political climate.​

Direction : Jack Dentinger, Nix LoPinto

Assistant Direction : Adira Rosen
Production / Writing : The Bellwether Project
Photography Direction : Kevin Galloway
Production Design / Art Direction : Paloma Sierra, Sasha Mieles
Costume Design : Nix LoPinto
Sound Design : Javier Galarza-Garcia, Nicholas Erikson
Media Design : Katy Fetrow

Cast : Timiki Salinas, Megan Forster, Aubyn Heglie, L. H. Gonzalez, Emilia Suarez, William Brosnohan

© Paloma Sierra 2020

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