Writer and Director

Paloma Sierra is a writer and director who develops multilingual narratives for stage and film.

From a young age, Paloma cemented her love for storytelling by tracing her ABC’s, reading picture books, and puzzling her way through poetry. Her passion for stories fusing words, music, and images not only got her stuck in her elementary school’s library once, but also led her to complete MFA/BHA training with Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, and literary translation studies with the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

A Puerto Rican-born global citizen, Paloma reimagines theater and film through translation to break down cultural barriers, foster empathy and understanding, and bring forth stories that have been historically underrepresented in mainstream media.

Invested in narratives centering Latinx/Hispanic communities, Paloma has developed films, musicals, and verse dramas across Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean. 

Paloma's accolades include a Fulbright scholarship, an Emerging Poet Laureate of Allegheny County appointment, and a ¡Tú Cuentas! CineYouth Festival Grand Prize, among various publications, awards, fellowships, and grants.


Photo by Fer Devincenzi


I Am Soil Breaking Off
Direction / Writing / Production
Short | 3 min

Life often exposes us to violent storms. But like a mangrove seed, we can find a home wherever we drift.

Every Word I Say to You
Direction / Writing / Production
Short | 1.5 min

A caretaker experiences various emotions as they care for a loved one who lives with Alzheimer's.

Let This Be
Direction / Writing / Production
Short | 1.5 min

A poem about national identity and migration.

Production Reel
Camera / Design / Production
Selected works | varies

Production/lighting design, art direction, camera/sound/media management, and production assistant work samples.

Close (But Not Too Close!)
Musical | 15-20 min

Too nervous to meet that special someone in person just yet? Log on to find your perfect date - but watch out for scammers!

Rosa: The Day of the Dead
Opera | 20 min

On the Day of the Dead, Rose receives a ghastly visit that unravels truths about her family, heritage, and past.

Cola'o: A Bilingual Trova
Play in Verse | 10 min

Two lovers with contrary opinions about Puerto Rican national identity uncover how to prepare “authentic” coffee.

BuT yOuR eNgLiSh Is So GoOd!
Choreopoem | 5 min

Inspired by the phrase "BuT yOuR eNgLiSh Is So GoOd!"

Between Poetry & Performance
Direction / Production / Curation
Workshop Series

Free programming that invites writers of all experience levels to reimagine poetry through theater and film.

Home Language
Direction / Production / Curation
Multilingual Exhibit

A collaboration between artists, writers, and translators to showcase the linguistic diversity in Pittsburgh, PA.