teaching yourself how to die fast

SHORT FILM - Art Direction / Set Decoration

A film exploring drug addiction, lack of education and racism toward Native American communities in Newport Tennessee's rural areas.

Direction : Grace McCarthy

Writing : Burke Louis

Assistant Direction : Randy Kovitz
Production : Carnegie Mellon Drama, Grace McCarthy

Production Assistance : Kate Busatto, Madeline Quasebarth
Cinematography : Alexander Cronin

Script Supervising : Emily Ernst
Production Design : Christian Fleming
Art Direction / Set Decoration : Paloma Sierra, Sasha Mieles
Costume Design / Make-Up : Meng Han Yeh
Sound Design : Javier Galarza-Garcia

Field Recording Assistant : Chancy

Cast : Brenna Powers, William Harrison, Sam O'Byrne, Antonio Jeffries, Leaf Richard, Sharon McCune

© Paloma Sierra 2020

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