Wanna Pizza Me?

A Play Performed in Darkness

For one night only, Squirell Hill's legendary pizza rivals—Pineo’s and Costello’s—get together to decide who has the best pizza in Pittsburgh once and for all! Who will you choose as the best pizza in town?

5 Characters

The thing about pizza is that you can't mess around with it. You can’t make it at home just like that - you need special flour, tomatoes, cheese and basically 1,000 degrees of heat. 


Wanna Pizza Me? was performed at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama's Playground Festival, following the Argentine teatro ciego technique.​

The play was part of a year-long theoretical research project focused on Dark Theatre or theatre performed in complete darkness, which was funded by the Jennings Family Brave Companions Fund.

February 2019
Direction : Amalia Baker

Stage Management : Annie Scheuermann
Sound Design : Margaret Shumate
Lighting Design : Nicholas Pollock
Costume & Scent Design : Sarah Connor
Props : Sasha Schwartz

Cast : Tara Clinkscales, Joseph Hefner, Hagan Oliveras, Amara Pedroso Saquel, Damon Rosati, Cheyenne Springette